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Patented Aug. Serial Io. The present invention relates to the manufacture of artificial fishing bait, and particularly to that type of bait having a wooden body provided with attachments for the line 5 at the front of the body and for hooks or lures at therear of the body. The invention also has for an object the provision of means for mounting bait bodies or sections thereof on a central stem or holder. In the manufacture of certain types of artificial bait, it is customary to provide a bait body of wood having an attachment at its forward end for the line and having a spinner and hook at the rear end of the bait body. It has been the usual practice to make the attachment at the two ends of the long, narrow body separate and distinct from one another, but this has not been altogether satisfactory owing to the difiiculty in obtaining a secure means of fastening onto the body. It has also been pro osed to bore a hole directly through the bait body and to subsequently insert into the hole a long stem or rod to which the attachments are fned. This method has not been satisfacto -owin to the difficulty of boring a small cali er hole through a long body of wood, the bit being easily bent or changed in its direction so that it is impossible to properly direct the boring operation. The present invention has for.

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A fishing lure is a type of artificial fishing bait which is designed to attract a fish ‘s attention. The lure uses movement, vibration, flash and color to bait fish. Many lures are equipped with one or more hooks that are used to catch fish when they strike the lure. Some lures are placed to attract fish so a spear can be impaled into the fish or so the fish can be captured by hand.

Here is a great early Pflueger Wizard Lure Ad. This clip is out of the Pfleuger Enterprise Manufacturing Company Catalog.

Buying, selling and bartering for old fishing tackle has been a hobby of thousands of anglers for many generations. And while it’s possible to luck in to a fortune in old lures, reels or rods at an estate or garage sale, or even combing through old tackle boxes stored in a basement by your grandpa or great uncle, it’s likely wise to keep your day job rather than hoping to win a tackle picker’s lottery.

But we are rare. The market is driven by money. And White says it’s easy to get fleeced if you don’t know the many subtle nuances of the fishing tackle trade. That’s why not many big time antique dealers or television personalities like those on “American Pickers” spend much time pursuing fishing tackle. But the same plug that looks nearly identical – though made earlier or even later – could be worth thousands of dollars.

The expensive plug may have only slightly different hardware, a line-tie location difference, modified hooks, or even a rare color that can alter the value many times. In the vintage tackle buying and selling business, everyone must pay ‘an entrance fee’ to play the game. That usually means paying way too much for something not especially valuable.

It happens to everyone sooner or later, even me, and it’s just part of the learning curve. Nevertheless, discovering old lures, reels and rods and buying them for a few bucks holds a special allure for many anglers who may in turn sell them and make a profit. Ebay is a good way to learn the worth of tackle items, and it’s also a good place to sell gear. Buying tackle at a good price is the best and smartest way to turn a profit in aged fishing gear.

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In this context, “Globe” refers to the highly sought after Pflueger globe fishing lure. This company is what many collectors believe to the oldest of the six large lure manufactures, producing quality baits since the late s. Previously we have discussed their pal-o-mine wooden lure. However, Pflueger made many early wood lures and minnows of rubber which all are very valuable.

In addition, they were one of the world’s largest producers of fishing reels.

Get the best deals on Vintage Fishing Lures when you shop the largest online Vintage Heddon, Pflueger lure boxes [boxes only]! Many of the lures in the vintage category date from the s, when lures were first.

If you are a fisherperson, then the chances are that you have a box that is full of old fishing lure saying around in your garage and you might have probably thought about getting rid of them. Fortunately for you though, if you find one of these nine fishing lures in the garage then you can sell them as an antique collection for a generous amount of money.

While this looks just like any other traditional fish lure, it is not just an ordinary bait but in fact, a Shakespeare. Dating back to as old as the s, this fishing lure has a half-white, half-red design, 2 treble hooks, and a propeller on the front. Made by Harry Comstock in in the city of New York, this three-inch sinking lure is famous since Compton won the sue case over E. This fishing lure was made back in the s in Ohio and it has a propeller on both the front and the rear with yellow eyes and treble hooks.

When underwater, this Lane Automatic Weedless lure is propelled by the water resistance and it has metal fins on the sides that move up and down when the lure moves underwater. It was an innovative design for a lure by Charles E.

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Patented Oct. Serial No. This invention relates to fishing tackle and particularly to the construction of hooksand lures.

Complainant’s rights in the PFLUEGER marks date back to , when Ernest F. 3,, (PFLUEGER) for use with fishing lures, registered on October

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Pflueger Globe

The company was started in by its founder and ultimate namesake, Earnest F Pfluger. However, it was then named; The Enterprise Manufacturing Company. In that first year it purchased another company American Fish Hook Company which was apparently started back in

The story on the Pflueger Artificial Bait lure contains many lessons for smart Smart collectors know that patent date does not usually correlate with date of.

The antique Pflueger Lure was introduced around , and by some accounts even earlier. The lure was first seen with see through hardware. The lure was produced for around 3 decades or thirty years until The all in one minnow, a model , is a very desirable and scarce Pflueger minnow lure that was first introduced around and lasted until This wooden pressed and painted eye lure was Pflueger of Akron, Ohio model series number This wooden tapering cigar shaped fishing lure has a front forward line tie.

Pflueger Magnet Lure The Pflueger Magnet lure was a lure designed in the early to mid teens some records indicate This wooden antique Pflueger lure was a series and featured 3 treble hooks. The lure underwent 4 different modifications, between collar slop and hook hanger devices over its lifespan. The lure was listed through the s in the catalogs. Floating, artificial minnow, designed especially for spinning.

Old Fishing Lures

Buy vintage fishing lures with original box. Find antique collectible lures in proper packaging. Buy and sell electronics, cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, digital cameras, baby items, coupons, and everything else on eBay, the world’s online marketplace. Now that the daylight lasts longer and the weather is more pleasant, it’s time to confront the big decision: should I mow the lawn or go fishing?

The lures and paper material are all consistent of a trip date of pattern spinner (3 3/4 x 1 7/8″) on nickeled weighted shank, marked, “Pflueger, Akron, O.”.

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Many collectors are confused and think the patent date is the date of the lure in hand. To accuraely determine the lure CCBCO, Pflueger & Shakespeare Index​.

Please create an account, or Log in here. If you don’t have an account, create one here. Three different boxes Pflueger used to return reels that were repaired at the factory and the reels that were repaired. The maroon box has a single patent Pflueger Model Supreme reel with serial number The maroon boxes with the repair label are extremely scarce.

The green and white box has another Pflueger Model Supreme with the marking 6 57 on the bottom which equates to June On the other end of the box is the normal foil label for a Pflueger Supreme. The tan box has a Pflueger Akron Model No date info is available for it. In addition to these I have reels not in the box dating from to the year that Shakespeare bought Pflueger and 43 other reels complete in the original box. The vast majority of the reels were acquired thru trades or purchases from other collectors, garage sales, web sales, and auction sites.

I began collecting these reels because my Father always fished with a Pflueger Rocket Model

About Pflueger

Pflueger and Enterprise Manufacturing Company. This is Page 2 of 2 Pflueger Pages. Click on photos to enlarge. This baby Globe in luminous spotted finish is in the later maroon box.

This early Pal O Mine dates back to when this particular color was first introduced. This is a wood Glass eye fishing lure made by Pflueger. White areas on.

If you answered yes, then continue and go to 2 Boxes: If you have a box in legible condition you can figure out what it says on the box , please proceed to number 4 and read about grading boxes. Eyes: glass, decal, or painted? Click here to see the difference in types of eyes. Many times the approximate age of the lures can be determined by the type of eyes. In between were what are called tack eyes and they are also too new to fall in the pre time frame.

Does the lure have painted or tack eyes? If you answered yes, then stop here. It’s too recent for our collecting information or interest. If the lure has glass or no eyes, then continue to step 3. Condition of lures:.

US1730333A – Fish lure – Google Patents

Pflueger Enterprise Mfg reels were made for a long time. The Enterprise Manufacturing Company was first established in and incorporated in Pflueger Enterprise Mfg. The first model Pflueger Supreme is perhaps the most interesting of the long line of Pflueger fishing reels.

“We have lures that date back to or so,” says Dan Bedford of The Big five are Shakespeare, Heddon, Creek Chub, Pflueger and South.

Tom Monsoor is known for his expertise with swimming a jig to catch bass. Monsoor is obsessed with antique lures and is always on the lookout for out-of-production models, the kind that make collectors like him salivate because of their rarity and age. Monsoor never had a hobby, other than fishing, that captivated him as much as collecting. He uses his kitchen table to make the jigs, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits he uses in tournaments, but the rest of his house is devoted to his lure collection.

To Monsoor, it means colorful and virtually pristine in finish and hardware. Not many lures beyond 10 years old meet that criteria, but the Wisconsin angler has managed to lasso hundreds of them here and there. To me, the old lures and paint jobs represent a real art form, and I like to just look at them once in a while.

He says one his favorite lures is also one of the least valuable in terms of collectibles: a Creek Chub Mouse. I still use the Mouse in the spring. It looks like a baby muskrat and the 3- to 6-pound bass up here will patrol the banks and just tear it up when they see one.

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